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Stapler Circumcision Surgery in Ahmedabad

Why risk infection and endure painful traditional circumcision methods when Ahmedabad has the best urologists who specialise in performing painless circumcision surgery on both infants and adults? One out of every three boys in the world had their circumcision, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The surgeons at Parth Hospital are experienced, and they treat circumcision with FDA-approved techniques like that of Stapler Circumcision Surgery in Ahmedabad also known as Stapler Surgery in Ahmedabad are fast, easy, safe, virtually painless, and scar-free.

Dr. Parth Gajjar is the 1st surgeon in Gujarat to perform live stapler circumcision surgery at Gujarat State Surgeons Conference 2021, and holds a record of teaching stapler circumcision to 350+ surgeons all across Gujarat, a pioneer of stapler circumcision in our state. Dr. Parth Gajjar uses cutting-edge methods and technology to treat male circumcision. The most cutting-edge technology is the Stapler approach.

Phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, lichenification, balanoposthitis, and other foreskin problems can all be treated with painless circumcision surgery. It helps to maintain healthy genital hygiene. One has entire access to the tip and can properly clean it without foreskin. Circumcision enhances hygiene as a result.

Causes For Performing Circumcision

Although it is customary to circumcise newborn infants as part of religious rites, older boys and men may also consider getting circumcised to lower their risk of STIs. When the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the glans, for example, or when the circumcision is otherwise recommended by a physician.

Improved pubic cleanliness, reduced risk of penile cancer, infections, and STDs, as well as a reduced chance of disorders like phimosis, balanitis, and paraphimosis that are brought on by restricted foreskin movements, are just a few of the potential health advantages of circumcision.

What Kinds Of Circumcision Surgeries Are There?

There are numerous techniques to do circumcision surgery. Patients and surgeons both favour the following techniques:

The conventional method : This process uses a laser device to cut the skin, which is more accurate and efficient than more conventional techniques. A quick recovery and less blood loss are two advantages. After a few days, the surgical sutures in the cuts naturally disintegrate.

Laser Circumcision Surgery in Ahmedabad: This process uses a laser device to cut the skin, which is more accurate and efficient than more conventional techniques. A quick recovery and less blood loss are two advantages. After a few days, the surgical sutures in the cuts naturally disintegrate.

Stapler Circumcision in Ahmedabad

The foreskin is simultaneously sliced and stapled during a Stapler circumcision. It takes roughly 5 minutes to complete this process. Almost no discomfort or stitches are required. Patients who undergo Stapler Circumcision Surgery in Ahmedabad recover quickly. It is thought to be one of the most cutting-edge and efficient treatments for phimosis.

The Stapler Circumcision is one of the operations pioneered by Dr. Parth Gajjar of the Parth Hospital in Ahmedabad. Several surgeons are being instructed by him on how to do a painless circumcision. At the GUJASICON 2021, a Gujarat State Surgeons Annual Conference, he exhibited Stapler Circumcision In Ahmedabad to over 350+ Surgeons from all around Gujarat. He was the first surgeon to perform a live Stapler Circumcision in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

A Stapler Circumcision Surgery in Ahmedabad is performed for all the routine causes for a circumcision {provide a link to circumcision literature}

A Stapler Circumcision Surgery is superior to routine circumcision because it has negligible blood loss and only 10% of the pain than a patient has to face in a stitched circumcision

Healing time is much faster and our patients join the routine within a period of 1-2 days compared to 7-10 days after a stitched circumcision.

Only 1 post-operative is required and no further need for any dressings. Staplers fall off automatically.

v. Ideal weak end surgery, where the patient can get operated on Saturday and return to work on Monday without any untoward pain or difficulties.

Based on each patient's specific needs and health problems, as well as the most efficient circumcision treatment options, the doctors choose the best procedure for them. The procedures are both cutting-edge and reasonably priced.

For Painless circumcision surgery, patients in Ahmedabad have a range of specialised hospitals and surgeons to choose from. The facility and surgeons picked will affect how much surgery would cost.

The price may vary from one individual to the next due to several factors:

  • The State of The Patient's Health
  • Which Type of Hospital
  • Cost Of a Doctor's Appointment
  • Issues That can Arise After Surgery
  • Patient's Age and Type of Surgery
  • Any Laboratory or Examination Table Testing
  • Entrance Fee

Thanks to its top-notch medical services, Parth Hospital offers the best circumcision care in Ahmedabad. The Hospital's patient-centeredness aims to transform the healthcare industry by giving people the superior treatment they deserve. By using the best qualified and experienced surgeons, cutting-edge technology, total pricing transparency, no-cost financing options, and other administrative help during admission, discharge, and insurance enrollment, it offers patients convenient and cheap elective surgical procedures.