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Gallbladder stone surgery in Ahmedabad


There are many reasons why gallbladder surgery may be necessary. These reasons may include gallstones, infections,cancer, or stones in the bile duct. When surgery is needed, it is important to know that there are different types of gallbladder stone surgery in Ahmedabad that can be performed.

The Gallbladder stone treatment in Ahmedabad at Parth Hospital the best hospital for gallbladder stone surgery in Ahmedabad includes laparoscopic surgery, which is a minimally invasive procedure. Another type of gallbladder surgery is open surgery, which involves a larger incision and a longer recovery time. Open surgery may be necessary if there are complications or a more complicated surgery is needed.

Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is typically done on an outpatient basis, but open surgery may require an overnight stay in the hospital. It is important to note that laparoscopic surgery may not be an option for people who have severe abdominal pain, severe breathing problems, or significant weight loss.


Gallstones occur when bile, which is normally fluid, forms stones. Gallstones commonly contain lumps of fatty (cholesterol-like) material that has solidified and hardened. Sometimes bile pigments or calcium deposits form gallstones. Sometimes just a few small stones are formed; sometimes a great many. Occasionally, just one large stone is formed. Parth Hospital through its specialists provides gallbladder stone treatment in Ahmedabad.


Gallbladder stone treatment in Ahmedabad


Although acute attacks may sometimes be suppressed with medication of intravenous treatment, not all appendicitis can be treated with medicines only and a lot of cases need surgery only.

Options available are Laparoscopic and Open Appendicectomy. Although, if there is a perforated appendix with peritonitis (infection and swelling spread to other parts of abdomen), a Laparoscopy Surgery might be needed to convert into Open surgery.

A Laparsocopy surgery is superior to open surgery as it includes just 3 small incisions totaling less than 2 cms which will be cosmetically located and as good as invisible post healing.

A laparoscopic Appendicectomy will also mean faster discharge and early return to work.



This is a severe pain in the upper abdomen. The pain is usually worst to the right-hand side, just below the ribs. It is caused by a stone that becomes stuck in the cystic duct. This is the small tube that takes bile from the gallbladder to the bile duct. The gallbladder then squeezes (contracts) hard to dislodge the stone and this causes pain. The pain eases and goes if the gallstone is pushed out into the bile duct (and then usually out into the gut), or if it falls back into the gallbladder.

Pain from biliary colic can last just a few minutes but, more commonly, lasts for several hours. A severe pain may only happen once in your lifetime, or it may flare up from time to time. Sometimes less severe but niggly pains occur now and then, particularly after a fatty meal when the gallbladder contracts most.


This is called cholecystitis. This can lead to infection in the gallbladder. Symptoms usually develop quickly and include abdominal pain, high temperature (fever) and being generally unwell. You will normally be admitted to hospital and have your gallbladder removed soon if you develop this problem.


This is an uncommon complication of gallstones. It occurs if a gallstone comes out of the gallbladder but gets stuck in the bile duct. Bile then cannot pass into the gut and so seeps into the bloodstream. This causes yellowing of your skin or the whites of the eyes (jaundice). The stone may eventually be passed into the gut. However, it is common to need an operation to remove a gallstone which has become stuck in the bile duct.

best hospital for gallbladder stone surgery in Ahmedabad



This is an inflammation of the pancreas. The pancreas makes a fluid rich in enzymes (chemicals which digest food):

  • The pancreatic fluid travels down the pancreatic duct. The pancreatic duct and bile duct join together just before opening into the first part of the gut known as the duodenum. If a gallstone becomes stuck here it can cause pancreatitis which is a painful and serious condition.
  • Other complications. These occasionally occur, such as severe infection of the bile duct, obstruction of the bowel and other uncommon gut problems.


An operation to remove the gallbladder is the usual treatment if you have troublesome symptoms caused by gallstones. Different techniques to remove the gallbladder may be recommended depending on its site, size and other factors.

  • Laparoscopic or Keyhole surgery is the best way to remove a gallbladder. It is called keyhole surgery, as only small cuts are needed in the tummy(abdomen) with small scars remaining afterwards. The operation is done with the aid of a special telescope that is pushed into the abdomen through one small cut. This allows the surgeon to see the gallbladder. Instruments pushed through another small cut are used to cut out and remove the gallbladder. Keyhole surgery is not suitable for all people.
  • Some people with gallstones need a traditional operation to remove the gallbladder. This is called cholecystectomy. In this operation a larger cut is needed to get at the gallbladder.
  • Other surgical procedures may be needed if a stone becomes stuck in the bile duct.

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The hospital offers surgery for all types of gallstones, including cholesterol stones, pigment stones, and sand-like stones. There are many other services offered by Parth Hospital, best hospital for gallbladder stone surgery in Ahmedabad including treatments for gallstones, operations for gallstones and treatments for jaundice.